mAccounting – Our Values

Every organization has values, whether stated explicitly or not. But after working for or with an organization or person for a short period of time, you start to understand their values. At mAccounting we had general themes around our values, but we decided to commit these themes into words.

We first started with our employees…

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Should I Hire a Part-time Controller?

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mACCOUNTING’s clients frequently ask me if a part-time CFO or part-time controller makes sense for their entrepreneurial company.

My response is simple: YES.

Businesses gain the expertise they need at a fraction of the cost. Most…

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Overtime Pay Eligibility Expanded – What Businesses Need to Know

President Obama, declaring that “Americans have spent too long working more and getting less in return,” ordered the Labor Department to revise federal rules on overtime pay for salaried workers that log more than 40 hours a week. The long-­‐awaited rule change will extend overtime pay to an estimated 4.2M workers.

Under current federal regulations,…

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Spare the Rod, Spoil the Employee

A baking company offers employees English lessons and sees an increase in efficiency. An apparel company gives hourly workers incentive — the more clothes they produce, the more they get paid. Guess what, productivity picked up. Offering employees a little something extra, particularly workers further down on the ladder, can go a long way. Inc….

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Simple Savings Strategies For Being $1,000 Richer By Next Year!

Wow! It’s already May and if you’re like many Americans your savings account balance is still stuck where it was at the beginning of the year. Or maybe you just paid taxes and your savings account has taken a hit.

So what to do? You can’t make up for lost savings opportunities…or can you? We…

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8 Work-From-Home Rules

The topic of tips and tricks to work virtually as well as the challenges that can create is a popular one around here. Many of our employees work more than your average 40 hour week and maintain regular office hours from the comfort of their homes on the weekends. Some mACCOUNTING staff have even started…

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Client Success Story – Keller and Keller


Since 1936 the attorneys at Keller & Keller have specialized in the practice area of personal injury, and today, personal injury cases are the AV-rated law firm’s sole focus. With offices in Indiana, Michigan and New Mexico, Keller & Keller is known for being the most innovative and experienced firm of its kind, using…

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Bookkeeping 101 Key Terms


Bookkeeping is the function of recording and reporting of your business income and expenses. But do you understand the key terms associated with this role?

mACCOUNTING has compiled a quick list of key terms that are…

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7 Traits of Highly Effective Leaders


John Gerzema has written a book, The Athena Doctrine, and one issue of Inc. magazine features an in-depth article about this advertising icon’s views on leadership. Gerzema is Young & Rubicam’s chief insights officer, and Y & R is one of the oldest…

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Do You Have A Business Exit Strategy?

For many business owners, a clear exit strategy is an integral part of the overall business plan, while for others; the thought of transferring ownership is only a far-off notion. Regardless of when it happens, ownership transition is a natural part of the business life cycle and should be planned for accordingly. Preparing for this…

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