What Are You Missing in Your Business Plan?

To some, business plans may seem somewhat outdated and a waste of time. The plan is probably going to change in the next six months anyway, right? Wrong. Even if your business plan changes, it’s an important road map to help you reach your financial goals. But what exactly makes a solid business plan? Here…

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Intuit named us a Firm of the Future!

Here at mAccounting, we are reinventing the traditional accounting firm model, and others are starting to take notice. This week, mAccounting was named a “Firm of the Future” by Intuit Inc. We won with our video highlighting our business model and culture – our entrepreneurial spirit, our flexibility, and the service we offer clients. Have…

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Milestone Advisors is now mAccounting


To our clients and business partners:

We founded Milestone Advisors in 2003 on the premise that small businesses such as restaurants, construction companies, and hotels have the same accounting needs as larger enterprises, but not necessarily at full-time capacity or full-time costs. What began as an outsourced CFO services offering…

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