And goodness sake, don't be late!

January 08, 2010

We meet with people literally every day. We have people into our offices for introductions, to discuss the potential needs of their companies or operations and how we might assist them in their goals. We meet with each other to get on stay on the page. We meet with current clients to share with them market research, build business plan strategies or develop a product marketing plan for a new service or product they plan to roll out. Our conference room is always busy and often we're on the road, meeting our clients where it's most convenient for them.

Unfortunately, sometimes meetings can become a waste of time if they're not run properly and people don't demonstrate proper business etiquette. After all, running effective meetings is a way to build positive relationships with clients and prospects. Here are some tips we found and liked:

1. First decide on how formal your meeting will be

2. There is a skill in inviting the right people to a meeting

Prepare a meeting agenda in advance and circulate this to your attendees - remember that meetings can come in all different durations, so get people’s attention by having weird duration meetings

Use meeting ground-rules to help avoid speaking for the sake of speaking.

And, as the title reflects, don't be late, ever.