Milestone Client in the News: Huddles Frozen Yogurt

May 23, 2011

This week's Indianapolis Business Journal features an article about frozen yogurt shops and Milestone client, Huddles Frozen Yogurt. Here are some excerpts from the article:

Casey Foyt was pregnant when she opened the frozen yogurt store Huddles at 86th Street and the Monon Trail in June 2010.

“That was our big joke: It was the ultimate craving,” she said.

Laugh and the world laughs with you, apparently: Frozen yogurt businesses are sprouting up all over the Indianapolis area, with owners hoping to cash in on the public’s appetite for what they perceive as a healthy treat.Casey Foyt at her Nora location of Huddles Frozen Yogurt.

Casey Foyt is the owner of Huddles yogurt shop in Nora, one of a host of new frozen-treat spots peppering the local landscape.

The brands in the frozen yogurt market are coming at consumers with two big pushes. The first is the self-service concept, which lets consumers dispense as little or as much as they want and create their own mix of flavors and toppings. Pile the crumbled Oreos on multiple flavors if you want, add a splash of fresh fruit and nuts to one kind of frozen yogurt or find some other combination. You’re the boss. (Typical cost: 45 cents an ounce.)

Yogulatte and Huddles are among the stores that use this approach.

“People have come in and said, ‘Oh, I’ve never seen this concept before,’” Huddles’ Foyt said. “It’s fun to see people falling in love with it.”

The second push is health. At Orange Leaf, a sign lists the calorie and fat count for each flavor. The centerpiece of each table at Huddles is a sheet boasting that frozen yogurt boosts your immunity, lowers your cholesterol, builds strong bones, promotes digestion and is a great source of protein.

That aspect of the business will only become more prominent. Sapp’s Froyo store will sell Activia, the Dannon brand containing a probiotic culture that it claims works to help regulate your digestive system.

Congratulations to Casey and her team! And watch for the opening of their second store in Carmel coming soon!

Milestone's Business Strategy group has been very pleased to work with Huddles. If you are starting a business and need assistance with a business plan, writing a marketing plan, building financial projections, or developing a product launch plan, Milestone's experienced business consultants can help you through the process.