Impact Is Everything

Every organization must tell their story. Elements of the story can be the mission statement – a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. Another way to tell the story is the elevator pitch – a succinct and persuasive sales pitch. However,  the most meaningful communication for …

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Audit Prep

The first quarter of the year is over.  Most nonprofits have gotten all the details for last year buttoned up and are working towards this year’s goals.  What is next?  The audit! There are a number of elements that an independent auditor will scrutinize in a financial audit; preparing a checklist of these …

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Importance of Good Bookkeeping Services


Many small business owners fail to recognize the importance of bookkeeping. Many believe that their current cash position is the only important financial measurement and they fail to recognize the critical …

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Getting More Done in Less Time

Here at mACCOUNTING we offer advice, insight and guidance to CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their operations. They’re obviously smart, passionate and driven individuals if they’re in these positions of leadership, why do they need our help?

Being incredibly close to a given business or operation can be both a blessing and …

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Benefits of a Corporate Scoreboard

Business owners often ask the question – would my organization benefit from a corporate scorecard? If so, how do I create one? The answer is: absolutely! A scorecard is a report used to track significant key metrics for an organization. Scorecards provide a way to translate the vision and objectives of a company. …

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3 Keys to Tracking Financial Information


In today’s world of technology, small business owners can have unlimited amounts of information about their business at their fingertips. The question is not whether you have data available, it’s whether or not …

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Considering Starting a Franchise?

Many small business owners have successfully started and operated franchises, many as their first foray into business ownership. Franchises have many great things to offer: recognizable brands and products, well-developed processes, training and support, aggregate purchasing programs, corporate and co-op marketing, and research for site selection are just a few of the potential …

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Art and Science of Sales Forecasting


For many young, growing companies, forecasting sales revenue can be a tricky undertaking. There’s often limited history to go on, and the apparent difficulty in predicting outcomes can sometimes cause entrepreneurs to abandon the exercise of preparing a forecast altogether. So what can be done …

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Becoming a Great Leader


I was speaking to my son’s fourth grade teacher; I mentioned that I’d like to see my son be more of a leader, and less of a follower.  I’ll never forget her response. “Not everyone can be a leader” she said, “It’s really hard. Maybe you’re …

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