Plan Now and Eliminate Tax Planning Stress

Each year taxpayers find themselves caught off-guard by poor planning and unexpected tax liabilities. Planning for taxes doesn’t have to be hard, yet tax laws are complex and it can be difficult for small business owners to navigate on their own. Changes in tax code are constant, so a quarterly conversation with your …

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Form 1099 – MISC Preparation

Taxes can be stressful without the proper organization and preparation. You can get ahead of the 1099 process by getting organized now. You need to prepare Form 1099 – MISC if you have paid contract workers $600 or more in the calendar year. Reviewing your documentation now will make it easier to meet …

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Impacted by the Equifax Hack? Take These Steps Now!

If you were a victim of the recently announced Equifax hack, you need to take action to mitigate any negative impact it may have on your finances and credit. If you’re not sure if you were affected, you can use Equifax’s Potential Impact tool to find out. You will need to input your …

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Be Prepared for Your Audit

Start Preparing for Your Audit Now!

There are so many things to focus on at this point of the year.

How is the year going to end up?
Do we need to work on fundraising more?
Will our cash balances be enough?
When will we fit in budgeting for next year?

Yes, far more to do than hours in …

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Tips to Balance Cash Flow in a Seasonal Business

Develop a cash flow projection. For looking forward, one of the most important tools is a cash flow projection. Executive directors need to know how the organization’s cash flows and what to do if the cash doesn’t flow! Unless your organization has built a substantial base of operating cash, any nonprofit can run into …

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Nonprofits Start to Prepare Now for Year–End Giving

Bloomerang is a cloud-based donor management software that also happens to be an mAccounting client. Based on their data, 50% of nonprofits receive the majority of their annual donations from October through December, with the biggest spike between Thanksgiving and the New Year. If you don’t already have a plan and timeline in …

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4 Essentials to Understanding Cash Flow Management

Did you know up to 82% of startups and small businesses fail because of poor cash flow management? We’re willing to bet you didn’t start a company based on your passion for cash flow; but as a tech startup, cash flow management is crucial to successfully navigating rapid growth and securing venture capital.

As …

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Protecting Your Business from the Next Ransomware Attack

The recent “Wanna Cry” ransomware attack that paralyzed several large organizations in the U.S. and Europe is a solemn reminder that the risk of cyber security breaches is real. Every business owner should take steps to assess the type of cyber security threats their business could be subject to and how to avoid …

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Staff Development for Non-Profits & Incentivizing Team Members

Professional development is a hot topic in every industry. yet the non-profit, cause-oriented community in particular operates under budget restrictions preventing them from deploying the same resources as their for-profit counterparts.  Luckily, helping nonprofit employees develop the critical skills they need to advance in their careers and their organizations doesn’t have to be …

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Fraud Impacts Small Businesses – What You Should Know

Most executives are familiar with internal control procedures but some of the most informed leaders don’t necessarily have the right controls in place to protect their organizations.  The reasons usually come down to inexperience, trust, and the perceived cost of oversight.  Many don’t think they have the time or resources to design an …

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