Startups, Scale-ups and Technology Thrive in Indiana

Indiana and technology make fine bedfellows. The state’s momentum, particularly in Central Indiana, continues to spike each year. Startups in the Indianapolis area are everywhere. According to the 2017 Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship, this area moved to 10th from 20th place in city rank for the highest startup growth – up 72.9%. …

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Thomas B. Gabbert Appointed to Intuit’s Accountant Council

Thomas B. Gabbert has been named to Intuit Inc.’s (Nasdaq: INTU) Accountant Council. Intuit’s mission is to power prosperity around the world, and it accomplishes this through its innovative ecosystem of financial management solutions that serve more than 46 million accounting professionals, small businesses and consumers worldwide. This year, for the first time, …

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Nonprofit Post Audit Guide

After the audit, the audit committee, executive director, and senior financial staff are responsible for reviewing the draft audit report, asking questions about the auditors’ findings, and evaluating any recommendations before they are presented to the board in the final report.

Client representation “letter to management” aka “management letter” serves to identify areas of …

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Federal Tax Reform Impact on Nonprofits

When the federal tax reform takes full effect, a majority of the people who have itemized their federal tax returns won’t anymore because of the increase in standard deductions.

This has charities worried that donations could decline because those taxpayers won’t be able to get a tax write-off any more for that philanthropy.

Charitable giving …

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Successful Volunteer Management

Engaged volunteers are the lifeblood of a vibrant nonprofit organization. The majority of nonprofits’ boards are comprised of volunteers. In fact, some nonprofits have no paid staff and are run completely by volunteers. Volunteers are the most loyal supporters of nonprofits in both time and money.

Focusing on the mission and impact of nonprofits …

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Meet mAccounting’s Technology Solutions Team

Over four years ago, mAccounting made a commitment to test and implement the best in class accounting platform tools. We were already dedicated to maximizing our effectiveness with QuickBooks Online because of constant enhancements and QBO’s cloud-based model. And because QuickBooks Online provides an open architecture model, developers build technology tools that easily …

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New Year, New Habits with Technology Tools

We’re in the second month of the New Year and many of us have already given up on our resolutions. I challenge anyone that deals with bookkeeping tasks such as bill payment and bank and credit card reconciliations to consider the efficiencies associated with technology.

Intuit has been enhancing the QuickBooks Online product as …

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3 Steps to Improving Cash Flow Problems

A smooth cash flow is crucial to any business’s finances, but if you have too much cash going out and not enough coming in, it can be hard to fix. What’s the problem? Not enough revenue? Your operating costs are too high? Those are the obvious first places to look, but if your …

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Considering Hiring a Cybersecurity Professional? Here’s What to Look For

With the occurrence of cybercrimes affecting businesses increasing daily, many companies are looking for outside expertise to help them mitigate their risks. If your company has never engaged a cybersecurity professional before, you may be unsure of what to look for. The IRS suggests businesses use the following four steps when evaluating and …

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