Creating Advisory Board

An advisory board can alleviate pressure from CEOs, management teams or founders. They can provide valuable insight and advice to grow your company or deal with challenges that develop along the way. A board can also hold a CEO accountable for decisions, a valuable check to have in place.

And the great part, you …

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Do You Have A Business Exit Strategy?

For many business owners, a clear exit strategy is an integral part of the overall business plan, while for others; the thought of transferring ownership is only a far-off notion. Regardless of when it happens, ownership transition is a natural part of the business life cycle and should be planned for accordingly. Preparing …

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5 Tips Managing Cash Flow

One of the challenges of owning a small business is managing cash flow. Many business owners struggle with both how and what to monitor. Should the focus be on receivables, payables, or payroll?  Cash flow management is a critical component of any successful business and some tips and tools can be implemented to …

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7 Ways CEOs Can Boost Business Sucess

While paging through my Flipboard account, I came across an article that mentioned a guy named Dick Cross. It mentioned he was a CEO whose leadership style included “wearing a shirt with your name on it.” This phrase piqued my curiosity a bit, so I delved a little deeper.

What I found was that …

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Reduce Business Stress With Better Bookkeeping

Running and operating a business is extremely difficult and it takes a significant amount of time and effort. It can be even more difficult when you are trying to manage vendor payments, collect customer payments, process payroll, make bank payments, manage expense reports, and reconcile cash…and have a life with your family on …

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Technology is Part of Award Season In Indianapolis

It’s award season again.  We’ve seen the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors’ Guild and the Grammy’s. Another big award ceremony is approaching, and we’re not talking about the Academy Awards or the CMAs. In the Indianapolis business and tech community, TechPoint’s 2016 Mira Award Finalists were just announced and once again there is …

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6 Ways You Can Afford A Great Vacation

So let’s break away from the detailed accounting stuff and talk about something fun – vacations! As I look back over my career, the one thing that I take a certain amount of pride in is my ability to take a great vacation at least once a year. I know what you may …

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Is Your Business Plan Ready?

Like an artist who has proudly finished a painting, after spending a considerable amount of time and effort working on your business plan, you may be tempted to believe that it’s perfect and turn a deaf ear to any criticism. Unlike a painting, however, a business plan is more like a living being …

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6 Essentials – Cloud Storage

The topic of “cloud storage“ is all over the Internet. Sure it makes sense to register your iPad with Apple’s iCloud so when you accidentally leave it in your cart at Wal-Mart, you have a chance of getting it back. But for small- to medium-size businesses, what about all the data in your …

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The Next Best Thing To Having An Assistant

Small business owners always have a lot on their to do lists.  They have to take care of customers, employees, physical space, inventory, marketing, the list goes on an on.  They often need the services of an administrative assistant, but don’t always have the resources to hire one.

I don’t have my own administrative …

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