Is a part time CFO for me?

February 02, 2010

Running a business is hard. Developing an original idea and building an organization upon it requires passion, dedication, time and creativity. Not only that, those four intangibles must flow forward continuously, providing you with a steady stream of inspiration and motivation. This doesn't leave a lot of time for all the additional nuts and bolts of running a company including hiring, firing and communicating with employees, managing vendor relationships and (many entrepreneurs least favorite task) balancing the books and projecting future growth.

Odds are, you don't have time handle all your company's finances. Maybe you have time to cut checks and perform a daily assessment of your bank account. Maybe you have time for more than that. The bottom line remains, more often than not, entrepreneurs are idea people, not numbers people.

Even if they do enjoy calculations and percentages, odds are they don't have the level of expertise that will allow them to compare their company to current market research and trends, build a sustainable financial model and project for the future (creating reports that enable you to make decisions that will ultimately allow your company to grow).

Many startups and small businesses can benefit from using the services and expertise of a part-time CFO. They can provide you with important information and advice to aid in decision making that leads to growth, avoid numerous business accounting pitfalls and aid in problem solving efforts positioning your operations for as much success as possible.