Client Spotlight

August 14, 2018

We sat down with a great client, Andy Peterson of E-gineering, a process nut himself, about how mAccounting processes & tools have positively impacted his business.

 What made you decide to partner with mAccounting?   

  • When our firm made the decision to obtain outsourced accounting assistance, we interviewed six different CPA firms. Not only was mAccounting recommended by several companies similar to ours, the sales presentation was a lot different than that of other accounting firms.  Other firms didn’t have a lot to offer aside from tax services, and I was looking for a full-service partner.  My main goal in working with an accounting partner was to free up my time, and to not be the only person that knew the accounting side of the business. Other firms said they offered bookkeeping services, but it seemed like a side offering, not a proven system like at mAccounting.  It was apparent from the start that mAccounting had a process and overall seemed like the best fit for our needs.

What’s one thing we do better than others you partner with?

  • You incorporate tools & technology. The fact that mA is incorporating accounting tools is unlike the majority of other firms. & Tallie took some work upfront to get up and running, but it’s helped a great deal.  I also appreciate the mView dashboard – no other firm has offered this tool, and I’m really thankful for that.
  • My bookkeeper at mAccounting has been a tremendous help. Our controller, Casey has done a great job of talking with the other owners as well.  We’ve established a good process, everyone has been friendly, easy to talk with, and you can tell they enjoy their jobs.
  • Additionally, the training & implementation team has been great. It was apparent that every step along the way has been thought out.  I have the feeling that I’m being pulled through a process, which I like.

What is the one thing we could do to create a better experience?

  • The experience has been a good learning curve on both sides. The past few months have been the best yet.  Our bookkeeper is nailing it.  There is a lot that goes into our invoicing process, so many nuances, and she’s figuring it all out.  I have enjoyed working with mA’s tax manager, Ann – she is very responsive.
  • I really like that mA uses Slack. It’s my referred way of communicating and enables response to quick questions I have.  Using Slack allows for more of a team feel, and I do feel that mA is an extension of the e-gineering team.