Urban Martial Arts

Urban Martial Arts

Services: Monthly Accounting

Client: Urban Martial Arts

Urban Martial Arts, located in Brooklyn, NY, is owned by husband and wife team, Serge & Carmen Sognonvi. While they are experts in teaching the discipline of Martial Arts, they wanted a coach to assist them with the finance and accounting functions of their business in order to help them grow.

The mAccounting team took over the bookkeeping and implemented a number of tools to increase efficiency and improve visibility. Today, Urban Martial Arts is poised for continued growth and success.

“We were looking for a coach to help us grow our business and we found the best fit with mAccounting. Even though we’re located in Brooklyn and they’re in Indianapolis, the relationship works great. mAccounting is able to handle all of our accounting functions and they are an integral part of our team. “

Carmen Sognonvi