June 3, 2015


To our clients and business partners:

We founded Milestone Advisors in 2003 on the premise that small businesses such as restaurants, construction companies, and hotels have the same accounting needs as larger enterprises, but not necessarily at full-time capacity or full-time costs. What began as an outsourced CFO services offering quickly evolved to include accounting and bookkeeping services, because that’s what our clients wanted. We’ve grown tremendously since our humble beginnings, assembling a staff of 26 talented individuals to serve over 175 active client companies.

Now, as we enter our twelfth year of operations, we’re leveraging vast changes in technology to provide our accounting services more timely, efficiently and securely. Let’s face it, the world has gone mobile – and so have we! With the ability to capture and record transactions electronically in a “virtual” accounting environment, we’re now able to create financial statements and dashboards from anywhere. And we’re able to maintain that information in a way that allows you to access it from any Web-enabled location, letting you keep tabs on your business in real time.

The “m” in mACCOUNTING is for mobile, taking advantage of all that technology has to offer to provide the right information, at the right time, and in a format that’s understandable. Our service team is based in Indianapolis, Indiana; but our suite of technology tools allows us to offer our accounting services across the United States. As a result, we work with companies in diverse locations, from the Midwest, to New York, to Oklahoma and beyond. We think our new name is in sync with who we are and what we do. And we hope you agree!

So what can you expect from mAccounting?  First and foremost, you can expect the same great service from our talented team of professionals, because it’s our highly qualified and dedicated staff that sets us apart in the industry.  Bringing a wide range of professional experience, combined with a keen attitude of teamwork, our staff works together to seamlessly meet your needs. We hire the best people and empower them with the best technology to deliver the best service!  And if you’re looking for more, our experienced CFOs are there to offer strategic financial advice as your business grows.

We deeply appreciate our customers, employees and business partners who have contributed to our great success, and we’re excited as we look toward the next phase of our growth and evolution.  So go mobile. Get back to business.

Tom Jeff
Tom Gabbert Jeff Good
Managing Director Managing Director