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Start Ups

mAccounting was founded on the belief that every entrepreneur needs the expertise of a seasoned CFO, someone who has started a company and understands the challenges that come with the territory. Startups usually don’t have the budget, nor do they need a full-time CFO.

We are passionate about advising startup and scale up companies because we’ve been there ourselves. mAccounting has worked with over 300 entrepreneurs in this critical phase of business ownership. In fact, our very first startup client, Moser Consulting, is still with us today. Only now, Moser employs almost 200 people in both Indianapolis and Baltimore. mAccounting has been with Moser through all phases of the company’s growth, providing CFO, controllership, and bookkeeping services while scaling these services as their business needs.

Listen to mAccounting founder Tom Gabbert’s podcast with Powderkeg’s Matt Hunkler below.

Watch mAccounting founder Tom Gabbert’s webinar with Powderkeg’s Kevin Bailey, High Alpha’s Eric Tobias,  ZIOINC’s Danielle Stealy McDowell, and Innovatemap’s Mike Reynolds.

Companies we Proudly Partner With



Technology is fueling the growth in startups and scale ups, and mAccounting is heavily invested in this business segment.  We have partnered with Powderkeg, a company with a multi-city presence, connecting scale up founders, builders, and investors. Powderkeg and its partners provide education, resources, networks and live events to help make starting and scaling a company easier.



mAccounting is also a partner with The Speak Easy, a place for entrepreneurs to create, collaborate, and learn. It opened in February 2012 as the first collaborative workspace serving entrepreneurs in the Central Indiana community. Its founders believed in providing a place for education, conversation and “manufactured serendipity.” They’ve stayed true to these roots, with a mission to cultivate the healthiest entrepreneurial ecosystem, anywhere.

Not only is mAccounting the exclusive accounting provider for The Speak Easy organization, we also host mAccounting Mondays on location to assist entrepreneurs with basic financial advice to help them get off to a good start.