Core Values

Take Extreme Ownership

We’re built on a model of team member discipline, respect, and freedom. With that, team members must be responsible and maintain a sense of accountability for their work.

Act as One Team

Each member of every team is a part of the inDinero dream. From accounting and taxes, to marketing and HR, we have a collective investment in ensuring our clients’ financial success.

Be Direct, Be Honest

Feedback isn’t easy for everyone, but it’s a necessary part of building a strong team and healthy place to work. We are transparent and direct. We seek and tell the truth, respectfully.

Lead With Courage

How do successful people work out problems and blaze trails? They question the things others have widely accepted. We encourage our team members to poke holes in stale processes because “but we’ve always done it this way” is a great way to repeat age old mistakes.

Empower Clients

Have you ever been in a tough situation where you were reliant on the assistance of a stranger, only to have them completely take the weight off your shoulders and make the problem disappear?

That’s our goal, every time.